Friday, March 4, 2011

March update for Michele & Wil!

Michele loves these crystal trees!

The past several weeks have been busy with lengthy telephone chats with Michele, making final decisions on critical elements of their wedding event. I really felt the decor required a blog all to itself, as there are so many beautiful elements involved here.


This has been a time consuming but fun undertaking, sourcing the "Wish List" for the exact look that Michele and Wil are after. We were first looking for a Vancouver based Design team to create the decor, but after speaking with Sandy at "Art of the Party" and "Upright Decor" and reviewing their rentals, we finally decided to go with a Kelowna based decor expert "Designs by Colleen". Truly the reason we were sourcing from out of town, is that Kelowna's rentals are still somewhat small town feel. When most of my brides are looking through international wedding magazines, and superb Real Life Weddings from say "Wed-Luxe" or "real weddings", their tastes and style go beyond the trappings that Kelowna has to offer, presently.

This is Michele's inspiration look!

We initially started our search for the tent decor, keeping in mind Michele's optimum look of long sleek banquet tables, with masses of low flowers in long rows up and down the tables, punctuated with Crystal Trees. The options started with sourcing Manzanita trees. Of course natural Manzanita are expensive as well as hard to import into Canada. Here the focus is on the natural branching of the tree, with a floral emphasis at the bottom. Michele decided that the look of the massive wrought iron crystal trees from "Art of the Party" was the look she wanted. 6ft tall and 4-1/2 feet upper spread, weighted with crystal strands, cone shaped votive holders and masses of white dendrobium orchids throughout the branching...well need I say more. Gorgeous!

Full tent ceiling drape- adds a warm romantic feel to the space!

So now knowing what type of tree she has chosen, we can move onto the accouterments that will compliment this look. Full ceiling drape in the tent. We were torn for a long time about the tent walls. Being in the Okanagan we really wanted to provide an open tent for guests to have that alfresco dining experience. However there are so many issues, such as inclement weather, wind etc. to consider, so ultimately Michele decided to compromise and have large picture window walls along the front to take in the view. So full wall draping in a solid fabric, then a separate voile sheer over the top, draped all around the tent, and along the front, a "picture window" treatment style. Each sash tieback will have an orchid attached to it. Draping produces such a romantic, fairy tale effect to a tent. 3 long rows 24 foot long, of 48" square tables. Lots of room on the tables, for masses of glasses, flowers, candles etc. TABLE LINENS: pewter grey pintuck. CHAIRS: Clear, lucite "Ice" chiavari with pewter grey taffeta sashes and rhinestone buckles.

Beautiful pewter grey floor length, pintuck linens!

Since Michele's tastes run from ultra modern to ornately Marie Antoinette, she found these more baroque elements to add into the decor, with old world crystal chandeliers and 2 crystal candelabras adorning the head table. The tent will be a mass of crystals and glass, twinkling in the candlelight.

French crystal chandeliers and "ICE" chiavari chairs!

The crystal candelabras are being shipped in from Edmonton!

HEAD TABLE BACKDROP: At first Michele didn't really want the traditional swoosh of draping behind her head table, but we felt there had to be some highlighting done. She came up with the idea of a double curtain drape like a picture window effect (without the window) and in the center, garlands dangling. Strings of Swarovski crystals between garlands of cymbidium orchids strung intermittently on filament line. Of course uplighting effects to add a warm glow to the crystals. I am so excited as next week we are doing a Mock up of her backdrop. We've been in the design stage so long, it will be great to see it come to life.

TENT ENTRANCE & Band stage: The guests will enter through a 20ft opening in the tent, passing through sheer tie backed sheets of voile fabric, soft and dreamy. Entering the space, shall stand 2 white pedestals with tall vases filled with cream and green hydrangea balls.

Table Numbers: Again working with the baroque theme, we are using ornate pewter table top easles for their table number designations. Since they are world travelers, instead of numbers they will use names of places they have visited that hold significance for them.

GUEST BOOK: Here Michele wanted to do something different. After much research she came across a Puzzle that is customized and made from wood. On the front face you can imprint any significant photo of your choice. On the reverse the guest signs the block with a notation to the couple. This customized wedding puzzle is a guest book, a wedding activity and an heirloom. When the blocks are all placed together they become a memento photo. Michele will after the wedding have this displayed in double sided glass frame and hung appropriately to be seen from both sides, so it will forever remind them of their wedding day. You can find these puzzles at

SEATING CHART: Since Michele and Wil are both world travelers I think a seating chart like this could work great for them. She is having her stationary printer make one up for her. Let's wait and see what her final decision is for this.

FLORALS: This is still in the design stage, but Michele has chosen the flowers for her perfect look. Green and white hydrangea, white Vendalla roses, green Cymbidium orchids and white Dendrobium orchids. Sumptuously tasteful and elegant. As Michele says, she is looking for that POP of limey green color in all her bouquets, so we are still sourcing the perfect flower to give us that look, keeping in mind the elegance of her choices so far. The tent will be a sea of flowers, a visual landscape for all the senses, with fresh floral fragrances wafting through the air. The florist is still researching vases appropriate for our needs and we will do a mock up of the table vases next week. Can't wait.

Stay tuned as I update you on the Cake Reception at Elysium Gardens, Transportation and much more as we are now 4 months from their wedding date.

Happy planning!